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Photovoltaics is a modern technology that allows you to obtain electricity from sunlight. The current obtained in this way can be used to power any electrical devices

What does a photovoltaic installation consist of?


Without an inverter, the PV set would not be able to supply power to household appliances. The main task of the inverter is to change direct voltage to alternating voltage. Its proper selection affects the effective operation of the entire installation.

Solar Panels

Energy storage (optional)

The energy storage enables electricity to be stored when the electricity production of the photovoltaic system outweighs the consumption. The surplus accumulated in this way can then be used in times of increased consumption.

Solar panels

The basic element of a photovoltaic set are photovoltaic panels. It is thanks to this component that we can obtain electricity from solar radiation. They consist of cells connected in series.

Optimizers (optional)

In some cases, such as partial shading of one of the modules, their use may increase the efficiency of the installation. Their operation consists in loading the module in such a way that it has the highest possible power at the output, regardless of the current and voltage generated by the other modules in the series.

Energia słoneczna

How does a photovoltaic installation work?

Converting solar energy into direct current in photovoltaic cells

The direct current is transferred to the inverter where it is converted into alternating current

The alternating current is fed to the home / power grid

Aqua Now generator set + photovoltaic installation

Aqua Now generators use electricity to operate. We suggest using a photovoltaic installation to have electricity for free!

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