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Wind power plant

A power plant that generates electricity using wind turbines powered by wind energy.

Home wind farms

Recommended power: 5kW +

The perfect solution for homes / businesses

Wind farms

The perfect solution for electricity production for large water stations

What does a wind farm consist of?

Wind turbine system

is composed of many blocks and components, from the outside of the wind turbine, the following can be distinguished:

- rotor
- shovels
- gondola

Wiatraki na zielonym polu

Foundation / fastening


A structural element of a wind power plant on which the rotor blades are mounted with the nacelle.

Turbiny Zielonej Energii

How does a wind farm work?

Converting wind energy into mechanical energy in a wind turbine

The mechanical energy is transferred to the generator where it is converted into electricity

Electricity is transferred to the home / power grid or batteries

Aqua Now generator set / water station + wind farm

Aqua Now generators use electricity to operate. We suggest using a wind power plant to get electricity for free!

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