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Water station

The water station relies on air water harvesting systems, processing to obtain drinking water.

The infrastructure of the water station consists of:

-water generating modules,  

- filtration systems,

-water storage systems,

-water pump system,

- hydraulic installations,

- renewable energy sources - wind farm, solar farm. (optional)

The water station allows you to obtain water in places where it is lacking.

Water station producing 100,000 liters / day



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A module that generates water from the air

A single module generates 10,000 liters of water per day. Our technology allows you to combine modules and produce water depending on the demand.

Gen 10 - 1.png
gen 10 -5.png
gen 10 -3.png
gen 10 - 4.png
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Innovative water filter systems

We design a water filtration process in water generators that provides high-quality drinking water with ideal parameters. The advantage of our filter system is that we can adapt it to specific parameters and the need for drinking water.

Water storage


  An important aspect of the entire water station. We create a water reservoir to ensure a constant supply of water.


Pump station


is tailored to your needs. We design and build a station depending on the water infrastructure in a given area (nearby pump stations, length of hydraulic pipes, required pressure, location of the water station, etc.)

Hydraulic installation

We design hydraulic installations for a water station. Starting from the connections of the water generating modules, through the connections of the tanks where the water is collected, the pumping station and the main water connection.


Solar farm

Photovoltaics is a modern technology that allows you to obtain electricity from sunlight.

A photovoltaic farm consists of interconnected panels that produce electricity. It is assumed that 1.5 ha of land with a photovoltaic installation is needed to produce 1 MW of electricity.

Wind farm

A power plant that generates electricity using wind turbines powered by wind energy. The perfect solution for the production of green energy. One windmill is able to produce even more than  1MW of energy per hour . 


Solar and wind farm

A solar farm produces electricity during the day and a wind farm can produce electricity at night. To provide electricity 24 hours a day, we can use a hybrid of both technologies.

Are you interested in our water station?

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