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Create the water you want

Aqua Now System

Aqua Now System is adapted to make the devices independent and fully autonomous. Aqua Now generators produce water with parameters according to your needs. Combining our generators with renewable energy sources gives us an independent and inexhaustible source of water.

Generating water from the air

Aqua Now generators produce water from the air

Water station

We design and manufacture water stations according to customer needs.

Aqua Now filtration

We design the water filtration process in Aqua Now generators, which provides high-quality drinking water with ideal parameters.


Aqua Now generators use electricity to operate. We suggest using our photovoltaic system to have water and electricity for free!

We created Aqua Now sp. z o.o., which is engaged in the development of new technologies for the production and filtration of water, using renewable sources. We have created a technology that makes it possible to extract water from the air in various climatic conditions. The Aqua Now System assumes a large water production capacity to deliver water to the place of demand. The entire system is based on the laws of physics, from the extraction of substrates from the air to the final stage of water production.

Installation locations of the Aqua Now system


City estates

Places with a water shortage

Commercial facilities


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